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Cayman Islands CbCR Portal

Department for International Tax Cooperation

CbCR Notification: Part 1

Part 1 of the CbCR Notification process to be completed by the Primary Contact for all Cayman Islands Constituent Entities of the subject Multinational Enterprise (MNE) Group.

Completion of the follwoing steps is required to create a profile for the MNE Group:
  1.  MNE Group information
  2.  Primary Contact information
  3.  Secondary Contact information
  4.  Ultimate Parent Entity (UPE) information
  5.  Surrogate Parent Entity (SPE) information (if applicable)
  6.  Confirmation and Declaration
  7.  Upload Authorisation Letter (PDF)
The DITC will review the submission and email confirmation to the Primary Contact.

The email confirmation will include credentials required to sign in to the CbCR Portal and complete Part 2 of the Notification process with the Constituent Entities File.

The Primary Contact is responsible for ensuring the information provided in Parts 1 and 2 of the CbCR Notification is kept up to date. If assistance is required, contact the DITC at
Start Notification Part 1